Hometown Heroes Banner program

Banner Information / Application

Current banner installation is for:  

Active full-time service members and Reservists
that are community residents or have a family member that is a community resident.   These service members can be posted anywhere.  They do not have to be deployed in a war zone.

Requesting a Blue Star banner:  These banners are for Rim of the World residents and their loved ones.  If you live in the mountain community and have a loved one serving these banners are for you!
The service member must be active duty or reserve military personnel serving in the United States Armed Forces.  Our goal is to have every U.S. service member connected to our mountans represented by a banner.  

Requesting a Silver Star banner:  The service member must have suffered a war related injury that has left a life-long disability, as per DoD guidelines.  A Silver Star banner is a permanent installation.

Requesting a Gold Star banner:  The service member must have died in service and be eligible for a Gold Star, as per DoD guidelines.  A Gold Star banner is a permanent installation.

Adopt a banner
Please consider adopting a banner if you have no loved ones serving in the military but you are a patriot and wish to honor our Hometown Heroes.  Banners cost for each for banner to be manufactured, hardware to hang, and installation.

No donation is too small.

Banner Application


Have questions?  Send your email to:     info@rotwbluestarmoms.com       

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