Hometown Hero Banner FAQs



Who is eligible for a banner?
Currently, any active full-time or reserve service member in the U.S. Armed Forces that is a resident or has family in the mountain community is eligible to have a banner.  We define family as a parent, spouse, sibling, grandparent, cousin, uncle, aunt, nephew, neice, cousin.  If you have a question please contact.

Who pays for the banners?

The motion:
A motion was put forth that if you want the banner for your loved one to be paid for using chapter funds, you must earn your banner by working to support the troops and/or the chapter fundraising, via a chapter approved activity.

How does this work?
That means you must donate a minimum of 14 hours to have your banner paid for using chapter funds.

Do I have to donate time to get a banner?
No, only if you want the chapter to pay for your banner.  If you do not want to donate your time and earn the price of a banner then you are welcome to purchase your banner outright at $350.00 each. You can make a check out to the RotW Blue Star Moms and send it in (see address below) or drop it off at a chapter meeting along with a completed application and photo.

I just want to pay for my banner. Where do I send my check?
Make your $350.00 check out to RotW Blue Star Moms.  In the memo line, please write the service members name.  You will still need to complete the application.  You can mail it to:

Michelle Kinnick- RotW Blue Star Moms
PO Box 215
Lake Arrowhead, CA

I thought I was getting a free banner. Why do I have to earn it now?
There are NO free banners.  Every banner is paid for with working an activity and earning it, a check to pay for it, or it is a Silver or Gold Star banner as per DoD guidelines.  Silver and Gold Star banners have been paid for by the service members sacrifice and the chapter adopts these banners and covers the costs or manufacture and installation.  

Gold Star, Silver Star, Blue Star?
Gold Star banners are for those that have died in service or are considered a Gold Star as per DoD guidelines.  Silver Stars are for those service members that have life long disabilities due to the war as per DoD guidelines. Blue Stars are for current active and reserve service members.

I work full time. I have very little time to earn a banner.
Most of our moms work full time and have full plates.  We all understand this dilemma. We believe that once you choose to make time to get involved and "plug in" you will get to know the other moms and have fun while providing troop support etc.  We think that the more time you plug in, you will find you not only have a good time but you will feel very satisfied with the service hours you donate.  We are, after all, a service organization and our main purpose is to support the troops and one another.

Does going to meetings count toward banner fees?
No.  Going to meetings is part of taking care of business and does not earn banner fees.  Only approved activities will earn banner fees.  If you do not see something you want to do on the list to earn your banner you are welcome to make a suggestion for an activity.  Your idea for an activity can be brought to the chapter meeting and if approved by the chapter then you can earn your fees by doing that activity.  At this time, only approved activities listed will earn bann if you er fees.

Does travel time count?
Not locally.  Traveling to and from an activity on the mountain does not count toward your total hours.  Only the actual time spent doing the activity.  If you have to travel off the mountain for an activity then the time is counted.  If you make a side trip, i.e., have a meal or go shopping then that added time does not count.

When are the banners being installed?
Once the banner has been paid for or earned they are ready for manufacture.  Then we get final approval on specific locations and get poles/hardware ready and the banners are manufactured.  It is usually a few weeks from start to finish.

I am a regular at the meetings. Do I still need to fill out a banner request application?
Yes.  Every banner requires a banner request application.  You will need to fill it out and include a photo for the banner.  Your photo must meet the requirements as stated on the application.  The application contains a second page to show your hours and or payment if you are earning the banner.

How long does it take to make the banner?
Banners can take take up to 5 weeks to manufacture.  Your photo will likely need some PhotoShop retouching prior to manufacturing.  Please do not send in your application a week or two prior to install dates and expect your banner to be completed in time.  There is no way to rush or expedite the banner processing.

Can I pick my banner location?
Yes and no.  You can pick a pole from the list of available poles.  The choice is first come first serve.  We try to accommodate all requests.  Poles come and go but if you live in a town where we have no current poles available you may choose another location.  Once a pole is installed we do not switch them out because other locations open up that you might prefer.

Do they stay up forever?
Blue Star banners come down and are presented to the family when the service member separates from active or reserve service.  Gold and Silver Star banners stay up and honor those that have sacrificed so much.  They are permanent installations.


If you have any questions regarding banners that are not covered here, please contact us at president@rotwbluestarmoms.com